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Sock It to Me Design a Sock Contest

Our friends at Sock It to Me is having their International Design a Sock contest. So get your markers, crayons, and pencil crayons ready. This year the first place prize has been upped to $1000, 15 pairs of socks and their sock will be produced! The second place winner will get $500 and 10 pairs of socks and the third place winner will get $250 and 5 pairs of socks. Check out the Sock It To Me website for more contest rules and details.

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Punch Brand flashback: Looking for inspiration

Nothing better to get the creative juices flowing than a Bjork video. Still one of my favorite artists of ALL TIME. I started listening to Bjork during my Ryerson University years. And would blast my DEBUT cassette tape on my Sony Ghetto Blaster until the tape was worn out. Then I would do the same thing with POST. It kept me happy and from going insane from severe home sickness when I moved into Res. I bought ALL her CDs, Singles, Re-mix Albums up to Medulla, Soundtracks including Selma Songs and own the Volumen Video album on VHS. Talk about Old School!!! ha ha.

I also got into the Sugarcubes and have the Great Crossover Potential album, my favorite song is Regina. I was so inspired by her Album covers especially from Post and by Me Company which did a lot of her videos and album covers during that time. I loved the 3D computer generated artwork. It was the foundation of early Punch Brand designs and what I based a lot of the inspiration for my year end graduation collection.

That was 17 years ago and it still looks fresh and modern to me today. She is really a true artist and a pioneer in music, art,and fashion, who can forget the swan dress? Love it or hate it, she’s not afraid to show her individuality.

Many of my early designs for Punch Brand was inspired by Digital art like this.

I love watching these videos by Bjork- Human Behaviour and I Miss You

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LIGHTS releases her new album Siberia

Our favorite It-Girl of the moment (and fellow Canadian) Artist LIGHTS has just released a new Album “Siberia”. You may have seen her wearing our white panda hoodie. We’re lucky we’ve had the chance to meet her twice now at Fan Expo. We think she’s fantastic because she produces great music (my favorites are “Drive My Soul” and “Saviour”), has a great sense of style and she’s really nice in person. She’s currently on tour if you want to check her out. Here’s her tour schedule: http://music.iamlights.com/tour/

Here she is talking about the release of her 2nd record Siberia. In her message she talks about the album artwork and inserts which shows a panda watching Steven Seagal action movies, which is pretty rad

Here’s the video for her latest single “Toes”

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Cool Website Alert: audreyshops.com

There’s a hot new website out there that we love. AudreyShops.com is an online boutique offering fun and unique products including clothing, handbags, accessories, beauty, and lifestyle products. They are a division of the Audrey Magazine – The Asian American Women’s Lifestyle Magazine. We are very excited to announce that AudreyShops.com is now carrying crazyheads products! Go check them out. They have so many cute things to buy and right now they are offering Free Shipping over $50. Perfect for your holiday shopping.


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crazyheads ad in Super Kawaii Magazine

Hey Everyone, There’s a new cosplay magazine that just launched. It’s called Super Kawaii. The magazine is about “Everything Cute and Cool in Cosplay Culture” and it’s ready for pre-orders on the DMF site.


Look who’s on the back cover of the first issue of Super Kawaii Magazine!!! This is a full color cosplay magazine that features over 100 cosplay pics. You can order a copy at http://www.dmfcomics.com/magazines/super-kawaii-magazine-volume-1.html or at the next anime convention. We’ll be selling them at our booth too. So go pick up a copy today!


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