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We’re Funded!

on November 8, 2015

We did it! It was an intense 30 days of nail biting, stress inducing, almost heart stopping excitement. It was close, down to the wire but we made it.

Thanks to the support of our backers, we are happy that everyone will be getting their soft plushy vests. So now that we are funded there is much work to be done. We first need to order the fabric and then get ready to make the production.

The fabric will be ordered through a local supplier and I am using a Vancouver contractor to do the production. A lot goes into the making of these vests.

First, patterns need to be made and then graded to make the different sizes. Those are usually made on a CAD system and then a paper pattern is plotted (printed) out.

Next all the pattern pieces need to be laid out across the layers of fabric, which is also known as a marker. The cutter using an industrial hand cutter then hand cuts each piece out carefully following the shape of the pattern.

The cut pieces are then bundled usually by size, and moves onto being sewn together. The sewers then assemble the cut pieces together into the finished garment.

It is then checked and inspected for quality, threads are trimmed and folded ready to be sent out to you. And that in a nutshell is how our garments are made 🙂


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