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Las Vegas Souvenir & Resort Show

on September 20, 2014

The Las Vegas Souvenir & Resort Show took place at the Las Vegas Convention Center from Sept 17- 20. We sure felt the desert heat with temperatures soaring above 100F on some days. That was quite a contrast from inside the convention center where we decorated our booth in a wintery theme with glittery snowflakes and our characters decked out in winter gear (Snowboarding Panda Jam. Cool, dude!)  It was a really fun experience meeting buyers from all around the world including the Bahamas! We got some really positive responses to our line. Who wouldn’t love a panda hoodie?? The best part was meeting our new rep Tony when he popped into our booth with his colorful Clawz shoes and energetic personality. We were hooked, we knew he had to be our crazyheads rep. Did I mention he’s a fan of comics and anime? He recognized our inspiration right away. Here’s a pic of us rockin’ our crazyheads at our booth.

Vegas Booth




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