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New hoodies have arrived!

We’ve waited for months to make this announcement. Now we’re ready to tell the world that our brand NEW hoodies have arrived. These hoodies have been totally redesigned. They have added feature of striped cuffs and thumbholes, super-sized hood and a contrast bottom band. We have a White Panda, Orange Fox, Purple Cat, Black Bunny and Husky! Check them out on http://www.punchbrand.com/hoodies/

Every time before we start designing we ask ourselves: What would make this hoodie better? This time we didn’t hold back, we came out with a hoodie that is loaded with extra features. By comparison, these hoodies have so many more features compared to our hoodies with eyes from last year. This includes an oversized hood that’s 2 inches bigger, an exposed zipper for a more stylish look, larger pockets to hold your stuff, striped cuff with thumbholes, and a contrast bottom band. You can see a comparison chart here: http://www.punchbrand.com/compare-hoodies.html

As usual, we have only a limited amount so get yours today!

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2013 Lookbook Photoshoot

Last month we contacted lifestyle photographer Patrick Leung to help us do a photoshoot of our new hoodies. I had met Pat a few years ago when I was working on another lookbook photoshoot. Of course before we could start any photoshoot we needed models so we were lucky to enlist the talents of DJ Yurie (a local DJ from Vancouver) and her sister Emma as well as Courtney, another model from Vancouver. My assistant Andee coordinated the shoot. We wanted a Harajuku inspired photoshoot with a lot of colors, makeup and cool accessories. We dressed the models in fun, colorful outfits and styled them with tutus, wigs, glasses, hair bows and other kawaii style accessories. The makeup was done by Kyla Slusar from MUAHjwn.

We started early meeting at Pat’s apartment where we did the catalogue shoot. After a short lunch break we headed out to Steveston for the lookbook part of the shoot. It was a long day but everyone had fun! I hope you love the results as much as I do.

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