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Teddy Bear Picnic

We were at the 24th Annual Teddy Bear Picnic last month, hosted by The Coquitlam Festival Society. This is a non-profit society made up entirely of volunteers. We wanted to be part of a community event and the fact that it was a teddy bear theme was perfect. There were many local businesses who rented tents for the day and ran different activities for kids.  We had a crazyheads coloring corner in our tent. We had coloring pages of our mascots for the kids to color. The day started out quite wet, with a torrential downpour when the event started. But that didn’t “dampen” our spirits, as soon as the sun came out a lot of people came out for the fun and festivities. We were beside the Vancouver Zoo so they had an Owls and Falcons exhibit, there was a giant Falcon right next to us. We were in a park and the crows were going crazy in the trees around us. They were all cawing to each other, I guess they knew that a predator was near. It was quite fascinating. The event turned out to be really fun. It was great being outdoors and seeing the kids happy faces when they got to color and take their works of art home with them. Here’s some pictures from the event.


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Have a great summer


It’s officially summer! I remember the days in high school when I was looking forward to the last day of school. Everyone knew the last day was pretty much a write off. I don’t know why they bother to even have classes. The best part was that we got our annuals (or yearbooks) handed out and we went around getting everyone to sign our books. I got a lot of scribbles in my books with the letters HAGS. That was way before when abbreviations like LOL, BFF and TTYL was even around! So props to the person who shortened the words “Have A Great Summer”. Anyways I’m looking forward to the lazy days, lying on the beach, having a BBQ picnic, and splashing in the pool. Well I don’t have much else to say but “HAGS” everyone!

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