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Photos from Hawaii

I love visiting Honolulu, it’s probably one of my favorite spots to vacation. The weather was not too hot but it was sunny everyday. There’s always a little bit of breeze which is nice. You can walk around in shorts and sandals all the time, so who wouldn’t like that? On the day we arrived we caught a glimpse of the fireworks when our shuttle bus passed by the Hilton on the way to our hotel. We didn’t stay there but it was nice to pass by and see all the lucky people who got to stay there. There’s something about the sight of a beach and palm trees that instantly calms you down from the frantic life that you left behind. I never get tired of the scenery and seeing Diamond Head in the background almost everywhere you go. There’s so many good places to eat in Honolulu, one of our favorites in Waikiki along the beach is Steak Shack for $6.75 you get a good size platter of grilled steak, rice and salad. It’s a great place to grab a bite after a day of paddle boarding and sun bathing. We were lucky to see this Monk Seal sun bathing on the beach. We thought he was swept up on the shore at first but then they put a barricade around with a sign saying “do not disturb”, they’re sleeping. One of the best places to catch the sunset is at Ala Moana Park, it’s a great place to end the day and watch the Hawaiian sunset.



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Back from Kawaii Kon

We just came back from sunny Honolulu where we just finished Kawaii Kon. It was so much fun and we saw so many friendly, familiar faces. We have so many wonderful fans in Hawaii that I couldn’t just call them regular fans. I’d have to call them SUPER fans!!! Like they came and brought us gifts, like a bag of treats. The weather was so beautiful and warm that I couldn’t adjust to the rainy, colder temperatures when I got back. I was too used to wearing shorts and flip flops. I can’t wear regular shoes and socks, ahhhh!! I’ll try to post some pics from Hawaii, but you can see many on our Facebook page and I HAD to share this funny/ weird picture I took at a Korean restaurant.


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Kieran Strange Rocks with our Hooded Smitts

We want to share these beautiful pictures of musician Kieran Strange wearing our snow cheetah hooded smitts. For fans of this talented singer (her #strangers), Kieran will be appearing at our booth at Fan Expo Vancouver, April 20-21, 2013. For more information about Kieran Strange go to: http://www.kieranstrange.com/


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