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Trade Show Marathon

We just came from doing 2 back to back trade shows. We were in Toronto at the end of January where we survived a blistery snow storm and chilly temperatures. It was fun showing our kidswear line. The line was very well received considering we just launched crazyheads kids a few weeks ago. Next we were in Edmonton for the Alberta Gift Show. We met so many buyers from all over the country including Yukon, Banff, Alberta, Moose Jaw, and Quebec. We are happy that we will have a few gift stores in Canada carrying our products. We got to visit West Edmonton Mall while in Alberta and ate some very yummy vegetarian food at Padmanadi Vegetarian Restaurant which we highly recommend you try if you’re in Edmonton. If you’re a store interested in carrying our products, please contact us for wholesale information at sales@punchbrand.com.




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crazyheads kids launches at CGTA Toronto

It’s been years in the making and a natural evolution for crazyheads. Now that our friends are having kids and after being asked a gazillion times “do these come in kids sizes?” We’ve decided it was the right time to expand into a kids line. It made sense but the biggest reason it took so long is that we are only 2 people working and we did almost 25 conventions last year. That means we’re on the road nearly a quarter of the year and I do pretty much everything.

It’s hard to explain and for people who don’t work in the apparel industry it’s difficult to comprehend how much work goes into making a garment. Sure it’s easier when there’s a team of 10 people, you have a designer, product developer, fit technician, production manager, sales, marketing person, shipper, etc… But it’s just me and my husband working on it part time. We are not a big company (surprise, surprise). I tell people I do the job of 10 people! There isn’t a hoodie machine that you feed in some fabric and it spits it out. I can go into more detail of the steps in takes from concept to production later, if anyone’s interested. I guess that’s why I have a beef about people who complain about the price. I try very hard to have my stuff produced locally in a sustainable manner too. I don’t believe in this obsession with fast fashion, there’s too much garbage being put out there. There needs to be an understanding about quality over quantity. That’s why I’m very interested in the slow fashion movement and hope to be involved in educating consumers about the benefits of “Made in Canada”.

Anyways, I got off topic a bit there but back to the CGTA. We were exhibiting at our first trade only gift show. It was an amazing experience and we got a lot of positive feedback from buyers. We got a couple orders as well which came as a surprise. Here’s a display of our Canadiana line featuring the iconic animals of our country- Grizzly Bear, Moose and Beaver hats. We hope to have these produced and ready to be purchased online very soon.

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