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Kieran Strange- Adamantine Hearts

As a follow up to my previous post I would like to share some music by Kieran Strange. Here’s “Adamantine Hearts” from her first studio EP. If you’d like to hear more of Kieran’s music, please visit her website http://kieranstrange.com/

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Musician Kieran Strange wears crazyheads

We are excited to announce musician Kieran Strange is our spokesperson for Punch Brand. She was recently featured on StealHerStyle.net wearing our crazyheads Black Cat Hoodie.











StealHerStyle.net is a really popular website where female musicians are featured, and the fans post up what they were wearing and where to buy it. We will be working closely with Kieran and her stylist to outfit her for upcoming appearances, tours, concerts, and music videos. We feel this is an amazing partnership as Kieran really fits the look of the crazyheads brand with her fun, quirky and colorful style. We will be posting more photos of Kieran wearing our clothes as we start to work together as well as special guest appearances where Kieran will be attending different anime conventions in person. Hopefully you will get to meet this amazing artist at a convention near you.

About Kieran Strange

Kieran Strange is a pop-rock artist, originally from southern England, who has travelled to Canada to record her first demo and EP. Her passion to bring a message of self-acceptance through music is apparent in how she communicates with her fans, always encouraging them to share their talents with the world via YouTube just like she has done. “So many people tore me down and said I’d never make anything of myself, never succeed in music, and I’ll be damned if I’m ever gonna let anyone else feel that way,” she says, of the way she supports her fans and other musicians like her.
The pink-haired rocker, who was bullied throughout high school, has found a way to accept her quirks and channel them into her music rather than being ashamed and embarrassed of them. Through her vow to stay strange, she is determined to just live life being herself, and encourage others to do the same rather than surrender to the pressure of having to be like everyone else. “I was bullied through high school,” she says, with humour rather than resentment. “It’s the traditional sad, bullied-kid story. I spent my break times picking chewing gum out of my hair. But that’s behind me now, and I’m proud of who I am. Just as everyone else should be proud of who they are too, weirdness and all.”


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