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New product updates- Meelo, Panda Jam, Fang

I’ve been working so hard on new product updates that I haven’t had any time to talk about these updates.

First off, we always wanted to have pins of all our crazyheads characters- Meelo the cat, Panda Jam and Fang the Fox. Now we’ll soon have the Fox pins along with other cute designs such as a mustache, red bow, and a leek. These pins are made from a rubber material and are slightly raised which gives it a 3D effect.



In addition to that I made two new t-shirt designs which we launched at Anime North. We now have Giant Geeky Cat and Giant Fox tees. Meelo is all geek chic with her nerd glasses on! So now Panda Jam won’t be all alone. You can see our Panda Jam tees in the product section of our online store. We’ll hopefully have these new tees posted up on the website real soon.

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