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Punch Brand flashback: part 2

Wow, I was just sorting through some of my old design files and came across some early Punch Brand designs. Here’s a logo design done on 3D Studio circa 1998. That was inspired by the some of the digital art I talked about in my previous blog. The idea was to create a 3D floral design with the word Punch Brand in a chrome look. I used this logo in various parts of my graduation line.

My line was called “Visions”, it was a collection of womens wear featuring an exotic multi-ethnic look blended carefully with an array of fine fabrics and rich colour palette.

Here’s the inspiration board I made for the Visions collection. I still have some of the sketches I did for the line. It was interesting that I was really into digital art and technology very early on. I hand sketched the images and scanned the line drawings into a computer and digitally colored the art by scanning the fabrics and filling in the drawings with the actual fabrics so you can see the textures and true colors of the fabrics.

I’ll try to post more of my earlier works if anyone’s interested in seeing it. It’s cool to see how we’ve evolved through the years. It’s so much fun looking back at older works because you never know, it could perhaps be the inspiration for future designs 🙂


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Punch Brand flashback: Looking for inspiration

Nothing better to get the creative juices flowing than a Bjork video. Still one of my favorite artists of ALL TIME. I started listening to Bjork during my Ryerson University years. And would blast my DEBUT cassette tape on my Sony Ghetto Blaster until the tape was worn out. Then I would do the same thing with POST. It kept me happy and from going insane from severe home sickness when I moved into Res. I bought ALL her CDs, Singles, Re-mix Albums up to Medulla, Soundtracks including Selma Songs and own the Volumen Video album on VHS. Talk about Old School!!! ha ha.

I also got into the Sugarcubes and have the Great Crossover Potential album, my favorite song is Regina. I was so inspired by her Album covers especially from Post and by Me Company which did a lot of her videos and album covers during that time. I loved the 3D computer generated artwork. It was the foundation of early Punch Brand designs and what I based a lot of the inspiration for my year end graduation collection.

That was 17 years ago and it still looks fresh and modern to me today. She is really a true artist and a pioneer in music, art,and fashion, who can forget the swan dress? Love it or hate it, she’s not afraid to show her individuality.

Many of my early designs for Punch Brand was inspired by Digital art like this.

I love watching these videos by Bjork- Human Behaviour and I Miss You

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Happy New Year!

So it’s been a couple weeks since the start of the new year. And we’re already fully into the swing of things. Having your own company is great but you can never take too much time off or the work piles up. Too bad we don’t have little minions to do the work for us 😛 We took a few days off between Christmas and new years to visit friends and family. We were back in Toronto for about 10 days to visit our family in the East Coast. I got to do a bit of shopping and bought some funky new ankle boots. Yay!! As for Christmas presents, I got a few things on my wish list. Like a Dust Buster!

You might think it’s lame but I think its great… no more dusting with the swiffer cause my office gets really dusty. It’s such an awesome device it sucks up all the dust and threads really fast. ha ha. And I got a great “Too Faced” makeup brush set from my husband.

Now I can do makeup like a professional! And hide those tired bags under my eyes 🙂

We’ll be doing our first convention of the year- Ohayocon Jan 27-29. It’s in Columbus, Ohio. Check out http://ohayocon.org/ for more information. We’ll update our convention schedule with our 2012 tour schedule soon.

We’re off to a great year. Happy 2012 everyone.

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