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X-Country road trip


I have some news to share with you. We are happy to announce, we have a new home in Vancouver, BC. This is my hometown and I’m extremely happy to be back. We spent the past 3 months or so transitioning from one end of the country to the other. Now we’re finally settled in our new location and Punch Brand has a new office too. Moving across the country was not an easy job. But luckily I took my good organization skills and put it to use. I think all the convention trip planning and traveling helped : ) We tried to make this move with the least amount of disruption to our business as possible. We didn’t want to have people not get their products over the holidays, so we shipped out orders while we were on the road. We actually drove across the States to get to BC. I have to say this was one of the funnest trips I’ve ever done. We decided to drive through the US instead of Canada. Here’s a recap and some highlights of our cross-country trip.

Day 1 Toronto to Chicago, IL.

We crossed through the Windsor/ Sarnia border into Detroit. This leg took about 9.5 hours. We got into Chicago fairly late at night and were famished and totally pooped. We had dinner at Longhorn steakhouse, I think that’s what it’s called. mmm… steak

Day 2 Chicago to Brandon, SD

This day we made some pretty good mileage. From Chicago, we went through Madison, WI and made a pit stop in La Crosse. After that, we headed straight to Sioux Falls, SD. We stayed a little outside the “city” in Brandon. I can’t remember where we ate that night but its slim pickings when you get into the smaller towns. It may have been Perkins since we ate there a few times on the trip.

Day 3 Sioux Falls to Gillette, WY

I was looking forward to this day. After driving for days with nothing to see, we were going to see Mt. Rushmore. I was pretty excited about that. I think we drove through the Black Hills where we hit a bit of snow, which was a bit scary. But we didn’t see snow again after that which is good. Oh but before that, we stopped for lunch at the most unbelievable place. In a town called Wall, on the edge of the South Dakota Badlands. There is a huge drug store, you can see signs for it for 500 miles away. It said stuff like 5 cent coffee, buffalo burgers and homemade pie. It was awesome, we had to stop …and we were hungry.

They sold stuff like Elk Bobble head, jackalope statues and coon skin caps! Definitely worth checking out if you’re ever there, I would say it’s one of the highlights.

Next we stopped by Mt Rushmore for a few quick pictures. It was windy and freezing out. It’s cool seeing it up close in real life. And you kind of pass through a gold rush looking town on the way there which is very surreal.

Mt Rushmore

Day 4  Gillette to Yellowstone National Park

The only thing I knew about Yellowstone Park is Old Faithful from those Yogi Bear cartoons. But once I visited this place, I have to say it truly impressed me. Besides the shooting geysers, bubbling mud pools and smelly sulphur cauldrons, it’s unlike any place on earth. This place is magical. The area was created by a giant volcano eruption that happened hundreds of thousands of years ago. We didn’t see any bears but we had a close encounter with some roaming bisons.

Day 5 Yellowstone to Coeur d’Alene, ID

Coeur d’Alene, I’d never heard of this place either but it has a nice name. We spent the night outside Yellowstone Park and went back the next day. This put us a day behind schedule but hey, it was well worth it. We continued on for the rest of the journey until we got into Seattle. From there we crossed the border into Canada. Oh Canada…. and I was home.

So that is a quick recount of our trip. Hopefully I didn’t ramble on too much, I know this is a long blog entry. Thanks to all the people who have been so patient and supportive during our transition. If anyone is reading this out there, we’d like to hear your comments. We like your feedback and suggestions too : )

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Winter blahs are no match for our winter sale

winter sale

So the holidays are over. (booo) Some of us may still be suffering from Turkey Brain or feeling sluggish after all the diner parties and eating fests. If you’re like me, winter’s probably not your favorite time of year. I heard the other day that nearly all 50 states except Florida got snow. eeek. The only thing that snow is good for is skiing on.Good thing I like to ski. Being by the mountains is a great advantage. Speaking of mountains, we’ve recently relocated to the West Coast of Canada. Yipeee! So we’re living in milder climate but it still gets dark early, it rains a lot and we still get the occasional snow fall.

To kick off the new year, we’re having a Winter  Sale. Get up to 50% off on selected styles. There’s many to choose from including hoodies, hats, t-shirts and tote bags. A sale like this doesn’t come along too often. So get shopping. We need to make room for new products coming in. We just got brand new Meelo on a plane tees designed by Pamela Thompson. I’ll be making more announcements of product launches on this page so stay tuned!

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