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AWA Panda Hoodies

Some of you may have noticed that we are not scheduled to attend AWA this year. It’s true : ( we’ll  be at a family wedding. However, you can still purchase crazyheads products at the show. First of all we are very pleased to announce we have collaborated with the folks at AWA to produce an original AWA panda hoodie. This is a beautiful French Terry Cotton Panda Hoodie, specifically made for AWA. So make sure to stop by the merchandise booth to pick one up. Secondly, our hoodies will be available for sale at the Image Anime booth in the Dealers Room. They will have a nice selection of crazyheads hoodies for you to purchase. Sorry we couldn’t be there this year but we’ll certainly see you in Atlanta next year. Have fun!

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Convention season wrap up

It’s been a very exciting and memorable convention season. I mean, is there ever a dull moment when you’ve got so many shows in so many cities lined up! And meeting the fans face to face is always the best part. I have to say one of the most memorable things for me was when I met a fan who traveled 2 hours to come to Fan Expo and she bought 16 hats, 2 hoodies and a pin. I mean that’s got to be our biggest con sale from a single person ever. It’s pretty amazing. And it was pretty cool to wrap up the season with a home show and having one of our biggest booths to date. This booth was stocked to the brim.

We hope everyone had an amazing summer, we sure did. Just because convention season is almost over, doesn’t mean we stop here. (Well maybe just a little R&R) But we will be busy designing and developing new products. Just you wait and see, we’ll have plenty of new designs in the works including a new t-shirt design by Pamela Thompson. We’ll keep you posted with new updates and product launches. Hope everyone enjoys the rest of the year and have a good back to school/work week.

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