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crazyheads ad in Super Kawaii Magazine

Hey Everyone, There’s a new cosplay magazine that just launched. It’s called Super Kawaii. The magazine is about “Everything Cute and Cool in Cosplay Culture” and it’s ready for pre-orders on the DMF site.


Look who’s on the back cover of the first issue of Super Kawaii Magazine!!! This is a full color cosplay magazine that features over 100 cosplay pics. You can order a copy at http://www.dmfcomics.com/magazines/super-kawaii-magazine-volume-1.html or at the next anime convention. We’ll be selling them at our booth too. So go pick up a copy today!


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Desucon- Oslo, Norway June 26- 27

Desucon is an annual exhibition held at the Oslo Convention Centre on June 26-27 where it focuses on Japanese culture, science fiction and fantasy.

We are very excited to announce that Punch Brand will be at Desucon for the first time! We have so many new products and we’ll try to bring everything for the show.


Punch Brand er en kanadisk nettbutikk som selger utrolig søte designerhatter kalt crazyheads. Spesielt designet for alle som liker søte ting, er Punch Brand sine crazyheads velkjente i kanadisk og amerikansk convention-miljø. I år tar Punch Brand turen fra Canada hele veien til Desucon for å vise frem og selge varene sine. Dette får du ingen andre steder i Norge!

Hjemmeside: http://www.punchbrand.com/

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New Colour Cat Hats!

I am so happy to unveil our latest cat hat colours. This was our first hat design that was ever produced- our pink/ black cat hat. It’s a classic, and now it’s available in a rainbow of colours. Those of you at A-Kon in Dallas were the first to see them. The red and purple ones seem to be the most popular. Which colour is your favorite?

Thanks to Samantha for modeling our hats

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