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Olympic Fever- 24 days to go

torch relayEver since they announced that Vancouver will be the host city for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, most of us in Canada have been waiting with anticipation. Now with the start of the games only being a few weeks away, the anticipation and excitement heighten especially for the people living in the Vancouver area. For myself, originally being from Vancouver I am equally as excited.  The  Olympic flame has been traveling across the country making it’s way to it’s final destination. Personally I am a huge fan of alpine skiing, but as an artist I am most enthusiastic about the 3 mascots- Quatchi, Miga & Sumi, they even have a sidekick Mukmuk. These mascots were created by our friends at Meomi. They are such a talented bunch, and we are so fortunate to have them take time from their busy schedule to collaborate with us. These hats feature a cherry blossom design by Meomi, and are wonderful head warmers. Order your very limited Meomi Slowhaus hat today, they are wearable works of art.

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Happy New Year Everyone!

crazyheads boothIt’s a new year and we have a lot of exciting things lined up for 2010. But first, lets do a recap of 2009. It was an amazing year for us with a lot of new product launches such as a cool new foxy hoodie in grey, a black bunny hoodie, cute wallets and 2 new graphic t-shirts. Most importantly 2009 was the year for many new artist collaborations. We launched 3 Artist Series Limited Edition Hats with such high profile artists like Meomi, Skaffs & Momorobo. With these products we pushed the boundaries of innovation by merging our love for anime and art and combining it with our most popular hat styles.

Besides so many new products, we did a record number of conventions- 23 to be exact, that’s more than ever before. Whoa! I managed to rack up a tonne of mileage points which amounted for a few free flights too. Woohoo!  Last year we did many shows across the nation, in the US and abroad including doing 3 conventions in Europe. I don’t even want to think about how I did it, but let’s just say I really enjoyed my little break during the Christmas holidays.

So for 2010, here’s a sneak preview. We have a lot of new products coming down the line. Our latest addition were 2 new graphic tees designed by Designer Pamela Thompson. Our little cat wallets were such a hit last year that we are adding a long wallet (which a lot of people have been asking for) and a coin wallet. Even more exciting, we have our own line of branded tote bags coming soon! Here’s a sneak peek at these lovely canvas bags.

crazyheads Tote Bags

Last but not least, here’s some big news about our hoodies. We continue to build on our ever popular panda hoodies by offering new lighweight stretchy cotton panda hoodies. These hoodies are so soft, they are made with stretchy French Terry and are perfect for Spring. As you can see there are a lot of exciting things lined up. And I’ve only scratched the surface ; P

On the convention front, we will be attending many of your favorite cons in your area. Stay tuned for updates on our convention tour schedule.

I’m really looking forward to 2010, it will be a bigger and better year. Most of all I look forward to meeting all our fans too. Look out for us at an anime convention near you!  Wish everyone all the best for 2010.

: ) Glynis

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