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Dear Fans, we need your help! We are running our first ever KICKSTARTER project to raise funds to make more cuddly, soft alpaca vests. Our supplier is no longer stocking the super soft fabric, so we need to place a custom order in a MUCH higher quantity than we can support.

We want to create more of our cute, cuddly designs for Alpaca lovers everywhere! Please support us when our campaign launches on October 8th. Thank you!

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Zappos Tour

Whenever I’m out doing a show in other cities, I make sure to maximize my visit. Of course our priority there is to make business, I make appointments with customers, do store visits even check out the competition. In between we would check out local sights and of course try out the local eateries. This last trip to Las Vegas I thought why couldn’t we mix business with pleasure? I thought it would be really fun to take a tour of Zappos HQ. Ever since I read Tony Hsieh’s book Delivering Happiness, I’ve always wanted to do the tour but was never able to secure a time slot in our busy schedule. Until now… it was amazing to see the Zappos headquarters in their new location in the old City Hall in Downtown Las Vegas. We got to experience the company culture first hand. I have to say they are spot on when it comes to customer experience. They sent a Zappos shuttle to pick us up from our hotel. Now that’s service! The driver was so friendly and knowledgeable about the details of what goes on during the tour. He was so accommodating and made sure we knew where to go and where to meet us after the tour was over. It was a great experience from beginning to end. Our tour guides took us around the office and we visited different departments. When we walked by the HR team, they would shake their tambourines. It was hilarious to think they had them at the ready every time a tour came by. The highlight was getting to sit at CEO Tony Hsieh’s desk! Now that’s what a $1 Billion company feels like. Sweet! The folks at Zappos know what they’re doing and best of all they are willing to share that with every body. That’s what I admire and hope to be someday.

Zappos Family













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Las Vegas Souvenir & Resort Show

The Las Vegas Souvenir & Resort Show took place at the Las Vegas Convention Center from Sept 17- 20. We sure felt the desert heat with temperatures soaring above 100F on some days. That was quite a contrast from inside the convention center where we decorated our booth in a wintery theme with glittery snowflakes and our characters decked out in winter gear (Snowboarding Panda Jam. Cool, dude!)  It was a really fun experience meeting buyers from all around the world including the Bahamas! We got some really positive responses to our line. Who wouldn’t love a panda hoodie?? The best part was meeting our new rep Tony when he popped into our booth with his colorful Clawz shoes and energetic personality. We were hooked, we knew he had to be our crazyheads rep. Did I mention he’s a fan of comics and anime? He recognized our inspiration right away. Here’s a pic of us rockin’ our crazyheads at our booth.

Vegas Booth




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Convention and trade show wrap up

Sorry for my sporadic posts. There’s a lot happening at Punch Brand HQ and it’s tough to keep up with the updates. We are a small lean and mean team (ha! rhymes) and as the owner I wear a lot of hats. From designing to sales and marketing to sourcing and overseeing production. And throw in a few conventions and trade shows in there. (I’m on the road quite a bit) It’s never a dull moment. At the end of August we wrapped up our convention season with Fan Expo Canada over the labour day weekend. We did 4 shows in August so it was a really busy month. Here are some highlights from various shows including Anime Revolution and Fan Expobwwaaahhh:

AE Boothcute fanspokemonIMG_6679

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I faced the fire: my experience on Dragons Den

Last month was an exciting month for me. I was invited to pitch in front of the Dragons on the CBC hit show Dragons Den. I’ll tell you how it all went but first let me go back to how it all started in the first place. As a business owner it’s a given that the must watch show for any entrepreneur is Dragons Den. I’ve been a fan since the very first season the show aired. I’ve considered going on the show for years but didn’t have the courage until last January. I heard they were doing auditions in different cities and so I decided to try out at the one in Vancouver. I arrived at 10am and there were about 40 people in front of me. It was a snowy, blustery day in downtown Vancouver. I waited for nearly 2 and a half hours before I was called on. So on my turn I stood in front of one of the producers, there were 3 auditions going on at the same time. I had a clear message of what I wanted to say during my pitch. I don’t think I was nervous, since I felt like I’ve been preparing for this day for years. And all the hard work I’ve been doing for years was all coming together into this one pitch. It felt good, very invigorating! I felt confident and knew I did my best during the auditions and whatever happens is out of my control. After that I went and had lunch with my husband.

I got the call back within a week. It was quite exciting to hear that I was selected to pitch out of thousands of people across the country who applied for the show. On top of that they were hoping that I could produce custom Dragon hoodies for the dragons. I had just over a month to prepare and get 5 custom dragon hoodies made. There was much work to be done. It would be quite a challenging task to pull off in the short time frame. We had to do everything from scratch – fabric sourcing, pattern making, grading, cutting and sewing. It was a short time frame but I managed to pull it off. The custom Dragon hoodies turned out fantastic!

Dragon Hoodie


I flew into Toronto the day before the taping. When I got in it was a beautiful sunny day, even warmer than Vancouver. My sister in law picked me up and then we headed downtown and checked into our hotel. The next morning when I woke up it was a snow storm. How could it have gone from 20C to zero degrees in one day? I guess that’s Toronto weather. I got to the audition on time and waited for my turn. There were 3 other pitchers in front of me. When it was my turn my heart was beating real fast, like I could literally hear it. It was quiet walking into the den, I could hear my own foot steps. As soon as I got into the den and stood on the marker, the Dragons were all there looking at me… there was no turning back.

Through it all it was an awesome experience. I was assigned a producer who was there all along. He coached me through the process, helped me with my pitch and gave me tips on how to make an awesome pitch. It was an unforgettable experience. Oh and I got this certificate, t-shirt and framed photo for being on the show. I’ll know when my episode airs 2 weeks before and I’ll be sure to let you know.

Dragons Den
Dragons Den

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