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Kieran Strange- Merry Undead Christmas

on December 12, 2012

Kick off the holiday season by watching musician Kieran Strange kill some zombies. With the highly-scrutinized end of the Mayan calendar fast approaching this December — referred to humorously as the upcoming “zombie apocalypse” by young adults and teenagers worldwide — “Merry Undead Christmas” by Kieran Strange is a single and music video combo that is sure to deliver a few laughs this holiday season.

The video features Strange as a lone survivor of the festive zombie virus, which has turned normal people into bloodthirsty, undead monsters. The front room of her house, still decorated with Christmas garb from before the outbreak, has been transformed into a safe- house with boarded-up windows and stockpiles of canned food. As the zombies roaming the streets outside finally manage to break through her makeshift defenses, Strange undergoes a hilarious transformation from pop-rock singer to “badass Christmas ninja”, arming herself with various weapons to defeat the zombies such as candy cane tonfa and gingerbread throwing stars.

The song is a playful, harmless criticism of the rumours surrounding the Mayan calendar turnover this year, which some are claiming heralds the “end of the world”. A huge fan of zombie parody moves such as “Shaun of the Dead”, Strange released the song with the idea of throwing a little laughter into a topic some are looking at with utmost seriousness.

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